OMGawd. No you didn't. 

That was my reaction this morning when I went to check the Wix standard images (cause I was looking for a really cool pic of a banana) and I noticed that I could add Future's sick deep purple haze (um, with some added dank I'm sure) to my image. I almost fell off my couch!! 

I honestly thought I was going to win some TMZ award for outing a celeb with his stock photo. And not any celeb, mind you. Future's DS2 album went platinum. 

I'm not winning any awards, sadly. Seems this story is about a year old. 

A stock photo? For realz, though?! 

I can only wonder how that convo went. 

"Hey, guys we've been working on this album for almost a year now. This is gonna to be FIRE. I mean people are going to pump these bangers everywhere. We need a sick cover design to capture the essence of what this album stands for. We need something that people will remember. Something that shows off how truly innovative we are, how we're bringing a new sound up from Atlanta."

"Yes, man. I completely agree. Sounds to me like we need to call that crazy graphic designer we met the other night at the studio."

"Nah, dude. Let's just search Shutterstock."

I mean seriously!? How on earth could that have went down. Using a stock image for your album cover? And now, I can use your album cover on my website, without restrictions? I can even brand my (never to be released!) Chemistry book with it, if I so choose.

Whoa. Mind blown and not in a good way